5 Tips for Growing Herbs

Pick parsley so it doesn’t go to seed, plus herbs to freeze.

Credit: Sheena Adams

Prepping herbs for kitchen use and other herb garden how-to’s

Harvesting parsley

  1. 1. To avoid encouraging parsley to go to seed, always harvest from the outer leaves in.

Horseradish how to

  1. 2. If you have extra wasabi root or horseradish, wash it and store it in the freezer. To use it, simply grate the frozen root as needed.

Herb garden must-have

  1. 3. Keep a pair of super-sharp kitchen scissors handy for cutting chives, basil, sage leaves, parsley and dill.

Hard-to-manage herbs

  1. 4. To harvest leaves from woody-stemmed herbs such as thyme, rosemary, lavender and sage, rinse the stem and pat it dry. Hold the tip with one hand and use your thumb and index finger to gently scrape the leaves from the stem, working opposite to the direction the leaves are growing. Discard the stem and toss the leaves into your recipe.

Frozen herbs

  1. 5. Make ice cubes with herbs such as dill, fennel, and basil. Toss them into resealable plastic bags and enjoy them all year long.