Transform Your Mid-sized Backyard into an Inviting Patio

Learn how Contour Landscape Installation & Design helped a Coquitlam couple turn their backyard into a place of beauty, using exterior lighting and flowing stonework

Beautiful and functional, this backyard was designed to be welcoming at all times of the year

Revamp your dreary backyard into a warm, welcoming extension of your home

Uninspired and often flooded with rainfall, their modest-sized backyard was of little use for a Coquitlam couple who wished for a welcoming patio with a covered barbecue and grassy play area for their grandchildren.

Contour Landscape Installation & Design Ltd. was called in to transform it into a useful living space. With difficult access, all the work in this 11 x 11-m (35 x 35-ft.) yard had to be accomplished using hand tools and equipment. With virtually no soil beneath the turf, the lawn area was poor-draining due to a hard-packed gravel base below – this had to be removed using picks and a jackhammer.

“Breaking up the concrete patio seemed easy when compared to getting rid of the hard base under the lawn,” recalls president and lead designer Tom Meyer.

After excavating, a subsurface drainage system was installed and then the yard was ready to be put back together. The result is a beautiful space where both adults and children can enjoy the improved flow and cohesive design. Plantings provide interest throughout the year. Strategically placed landscape lighting makes the backyard an extension of the indoor living space through the dark months of winter as well as late into the balmy nights of summer.