A floating garden paradise

Carol Pope discovers glorious blooms on nary a speck of land

Credit: Carol Pope

Carol discovers a floating garden of Eden docked in Gibsons

Sometimes people tell me with regret that they just don’t have the space for a good garden, and I encourage them to remember that even a small patio or the tiniest of lots can become an inviting retreat with the addition of container plantings and vertical growing.

And one very fine example of that has to be this floating-home garden in Gibsons, where there is literally not a speck of land to be had.

Featured some time ago in GardenWise magazine, it has since grown—both up and out—so when I took a recent “day-cation” that started with breakfast at Molly’s Reach in Gibsons, I wandered down the dock below to admire the sight.

Obviously someone’s personal space, I didn’t step aboard, but like several other awe-struck tourists on the dock, I couldn’t help but snap a few shots.

Kudos to this boat owner for making this the most beautiful and interesting dock on the Sunshine Coast.