A French Potager Garden [Video]

A visit to the 2009 best new French garden

Potager garden in Provence, France

Last September my husband and I made the trek to Provence. And what could be better than travelling through the French countryside, eating French cuisine and sipping wine from local vineyards? Well, the answer was a visit to a potager garden – designed, maintained and harvested by a French winery with its own restaurant.

Winner of the 2009 Best New French Garden in France and located in Provence, this garden is a delight for horticulturists and chefs alike. Two acres devoted to herbs, vegetable crops and espaliered fruit trees all set in a potager-style garden. This is the French style of kitchen garden that appeals to both the visual and culinary senses. Flowers, formal boxwood hedging and ornamentation are all woven in.

And it reminds us that vegetable gardens don’t have to be relegated to the bottom of the backyard or behind a hedge – bring them out to the foreground!

Come take a tour with me of this gorgeous garden and learn design tricks you can use to adapt to your own space – whether large or small – to a French-style potager garden.