A plant sale in Celaya

Credit: David Tarrant


A few weeks back I attended a big Mother’s Day plant sale in Celaya. The sale itself goes on for 18 days. Growers come from many areas of Mexico to sell their plants. Like anywhere else in the gardening world the selection was amazing, from giant timber bamboo Bambusa oldhamii with their tiny rootballs wrapped and just crying out to be planted.

cacti flats, plant sale, david tarrant, gardenwise blogs
Above: Flats of cacti with strawflowers stuck in them, possibly to make them more saleable.

topiary helicopter, topiary, celaya mexico, david tarrant, gardenwise blogs
Above: A topiary helicopter!!!!!!

plant sale, celaya mexico, david tarrant, gardenwise blogs
But probably best of all, one of the stallholder’s children (above) creating a little instant garden of his own, reminding me how fortunate we are to be gardeners. And how important it is to encourage children and everyone else for that matter to understand the importance of plants.