A raised bed is the perfect choice for novice gardeners

Are you a novice gardener just starting out?  A raised bed may be the answer for you.

Credit: Everday Eden

Raise your garden up a notch

Thinking of digging a garden in your backyard? Consider a raised bed instead.

Whether you have a large estate or a small patio, you can enjoy the addition of a single or a series of raised beds and grow some of your own food. It’s a fun activity and will provide you and your family with a bounty of healthy and delicious berries, fruits or veggies.

Why we love raised beds

No double digging!
New in-ground gardens require careful bed layout and lots of digging. But once you put a raised bed together, you can simply fill it full of fluffy soil and start planting.

Super easy access

Raised beds make planting, tending and harvesting a breeze. You can raise or lower the height of your bed by selecting sized lumber accordingly. Higher raised beds may even be used for wheelchair gardening.

So neat and tidy

Because of their uniform shape, raised beds look great in tidy yards and can be tucked into small spaces.

You can move it

Raised beds are portable. Simply lift the frame and reposition it if your needs change.

Perfect for beginners

If the thought of creating a full-scale garden is a little overwhelming, try a single raised bed. The scale is easy to manage and you will net a bounty of flowers, herbs or vegetables.

Learn how to make your own raised beds in the book Everyday Eden. Or visit EverydayEden for more garden projects and inspiration.