A visit to City Farmer in Vancouver

Credit: Heather Nielsen


City Farmer at 6th and Maple in Kitsilano has some funky and functional art, display veggie, herb and flower beds, plus a compost demonstration garden to tempt even the most discerning worm. There is no charge to enter the garden, and you can’t help but come away feeling enthused.

city farmer gate, city farmer in vancouver
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but a gallant gate made from recycled metal
and rusty ol’ garden tools
really inspires me!

goat sculpture, cob shed, city farmer, vancouver

Billy Goat lives on the green roof of this Cob Shed which is made from clay, sand and straw. You can see pictures of the beautifully sculptured building at its various stages at City Farmer, but it’s really worth a visit in person!