A Word About Roses

All roses listed are hardy to zone 5 Margaret’s collection of David Austin roses stands at around a dozen different cultivars. Here are her comments on some favourites:

‘Abraham Darby’ (huge peach-coloured flowers) – “It flops, but it’s such a beautiful flower.”

‘Gertrude Jekyll’ (pink) and ‘Perdita’ (pearly white) – “They are both so healthy.”

‘Graham Thomas’ (tall and vigorous with rich gold flowers) – “Simply the best.”

‘Heritage’ (powder pink) and ‘Mary Rose’ (darker pink) – “They blend beautifully with hardy geraniums and pink and white peonies.”

‘L.D. Braithwaite’ (red) – “Although it has weird leaves that crinkle up as they mature, it is constantly in flower. ‘The Prince’ is a richer red, but a weaker plant.”

‘Windrush’ (pale yellow, single-flowered) – “Better than the more popular ‘Golden Wings’ for me.”

Fragrant Flowers

Roses and lavender are not the only plants to contribute their perfume to Margaret’s garden. Other choices for fragrance as well as beauty include:

HoneysuckleLonicera periclymenum ‘Belgica,’ L. japonica ‘Halliana’ and L. japonica ‘Purpurea’ (all zone 6)

JasmineJasminum officinale (zone 7)

Lilac, common or FrenchSyringa vulgaris ‘Charles Joly’ (zone 4)

Lilac, dwarf Korean lilacSyringa pubescens ssp. patula ‘Miss Kim’ (zone 5)

Mock orangePhiladelphus ‘Belle Etoile’ (zone 5), P. coronarius and P. coronarius ‘Aureus’ (both zone 3)

ViburnumViburnum x juddii and V. carlesii ‘Aurora’ (both zone 5)