Add Atmospheric Lighting in the Garden

Transform your garden into a midsummer night's dream with well-placed lighting

Credit: Christina Symons

Highlight your favourite garden centrepieces with LED technology

Showcase your garden with tasteful and atmospheric lighting

In the case of landscape lighting, less is more. Just a few effective choices can make pathways safe and your yard appealing even after the sun drops down. Plus, you can illuminate key elements – turning a tree cluster, water feature or rocky outcrop into a work of art.

LED Lights

Modern LED technology has redefined outdoor lighting, offering substantial energy savings compared to traditional lighting options and longer-life bulbs. It costs a little more, but LED lighting is a worthwhile investment for main features in the garden and primary paths.

LED light next to a beautiful flowerSolar LED lights are portable since they require no wiring (Image by: Christina Symons)

Solar Lights

Compared to traditional outdoor lighting, solar LED lights are more flexible and easier to install, requiring no wiring and hence no trenches. Simply stake them into the ground and move them around to your heart’s content.

Place and Plug Lights

Low-voltage “place and plug” outdoor landscape lighting is also safe, simple and relatively inexpensive. Use a spotlight to let a garden feature shine, or line a pathway to enable visitors to safely find their way to the front door. New improved shielded outdoor lighting fixtures also significantly reduce glare to help preserve the beauty of night skies.