Add colour to your front yard

Credit: Jupiter Images

Generally speaking, plantings along the sides of driveways are subject to snow crushing them, people leaping into them on their way to the door and car doors constantly pruning them.

Why not add the front to your outdoor living space? Regardless of which way the front garden faces, it is opposite to the back garden, so gets light at a different time of the day or year. Think about creating an outdoor room, or at least a sunny, or shady cozy corner to enjoy. It can be tucked away to be sheltered and private, or open to greeting and socialization with neighbours. Either way — more bang for your tax paying dollar.

Not knowing what the exposure is, specific plants are hard to recommend; however, here is a plant for every place, so laying out the space is the first step. The planting bed that encases the seating area (with tall or short plants depending on your response to the above) adds to street appeal. Everybody wins.