Easy Ways to Add Mint to Your Diet

Give your meals a shot of minty-fresh goodness by incorporating some of this aromatic herb

Credit: Terry Guscott

Clear up that sore throat with a calming mint tea

Minty fresh! Stimulate your palette by including this energizing herb

Mint Tea

Brew washed, chopped fresh mint leaves like regular tea – steep about five minutes. Sore throat or flu-ish? Add a sprig or two of fresh rosemary to the teapot. In India, mint leaves are often mixed with black tea for a refreshing cuppa.

Mint Iced Tea and Mojitos

Mint was made for iced tea! Another digestive, this one Persian-inspired: combine water with fresh mint leaves, lemon slices and a dash of rosewater. Serve over ice in the nicest tall glasses you own.

Viva Cuba mojitos: crush/macerate mint in the bottom of a pitcher (or glass). Add rum, soda or tonic water and a dash of bitters; stir and pour over ice.

Minty Snips

Cool: Melon + mint = yummy! Combine cubed firm watermelon with mint and a little crumbled feta, drizzle with olive oil. Optional: add halved tiny pear-shaped red, yellow and orange tomatoes. Plus, punch up diced fresh pineapple with chopped mint.

Warm: Stew fresh green beans and tomatoes with a little garlic and lots of chopped mint. Gussy up warm French potato salad with chopped mint, freshly snipped tarragon and chives.

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