Alnwick Garden

Credit: Alnwick Garden

At the end of the 19th century the gardens were at their best with yew hedges in topiary, a double avenue of limes, acres of flower garden, five grape houses, five pine houses and conservatory.

The redevelopment of Alnwick Garden in the northeast of England – begun in 1996 and expected to generate millions in revenue for the region – is the brainchild of the present Duchess of Northumberland.

The centrepiece of the garden is the Grand Cascade where 7,260 gallons of water tumble down 30 weirs every minute. Also completed during the first stage is the Ornamental Garden and the Rose Garden.

There are grand plans for the 40-acre site. The $100 million-plus first stage included the planting of 65,000 individual plants including 3,000 roses, 10,000 perennials and 32,000 beech trees. Planned future development involves a Poison Garden, Spiral Garden and a Garden for the Senses.

First opened to the public two years ago, the revamped garden was officially opened by Prince Charles in 2002.

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