Brighten Up Your Garden with Amaryllis

In the gloomy winter months, the sunny amaryllis is here to cheer up your garden

Credit: Netherlands Flower Bulbs

The perky Amaryllis can lighten the mood of your garden during winter

Use Amaryllis to brighten up your winter garden

Tall-stemmed amaryllis is treasured for brightening dark winter days with huge flamboyant flowers.

Fun and easy to grow (children love them!), amaryllis bulbs provide drama for weeks on end, throwing up one stem, then another, and sometimes a third, with each stem topped by velvety florets.

Typically one bulb is planted per pot, but tucking in three or more in a broad-based container creates a veritable flurry of flowers. For best success, the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center suggests you position the bulbs shoulder to shoulder in potting soil. And for the most pleasing effect, plant all the same colour and type.

Once growth appears, begin fertilizing monthly to recharge bulbs for next winter’s beautiful bloom.