Anna Delaney’s garden

May 2004 – Anna starts the thinking and planning process.

More of the front yard.

April 2005 – work begins. The lawn is removed and preliminary plantings begin going in.

July 2006 — The front yard is blooming.

The front yard in August 2006 – Anna adds new changes/improvements occur to this area every year.

Backyard with functioning stream in July 2006.

More of the backyard.

July 2007 – Anna’s garden up close.

A bee at work in Anna’s garden.

Don’t worry, be happy! A catnap on the job.

Neko supervising.

Japanese anemone from Anna’s garden.

Allium ‘Purple sensation’ from Anna’s garden.

The photographs in this slideshow were very kindly submitted by GardenWise reader, Anna Delaney.

Anna’s photographs document the process by which her front and backyards have changed and evolved over the course of the last four to five years. Changes include the removal of the front lawn and planting of drought-tolerant plants and installing a functioning stream in the backyard.

Says Anna, “I hope these [photographs] will inspire other gardeners to just keep working at their garden (I’ve been at mine for 14 years),…a garden is ever changing, as the gardener changes!”

For her next project, Anna plans to create and add sculptural elements to her garden.

GardenWise Online thanks Anna for sharing her stunning photographs with us and wish her continued success with her garden!

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