Aphid-resistant Flowers

Credit: iStockphoto

I would suggest that perennials are the best bet as the majority of them are aphid resistant.

Yes, there are some perennial families that undoubtedly will attract aphids but by far there are many more that are not attractive to aphids, particularly those perennials that are either fleshy leaved like the Sedum family or fuzzy leaved like Brunerra for example. For the most part, perennials do not usually have that soft juicy fresh growth at a time when aphids are most prevalent.

That is why you see aphids on so many of our annual and bedding plants. That soft juicy continual new growth or rich tasty flower bud during the warm early summer days is a wonderful treat to most aphid species. However, the best annuals for summer colour that aphids tend to stay away from are impatiens, geraniums and fibrous begonias. Another tip is to remember that plants that are under stress from poor growing conditions or poor maintenance are more likely to attract insects like aphids and spider mite.

Lastly, having said all of the above, aphids are one of the easiest insects to control with a number of organic insecticides.