Autumn Punch Container Combination


This combination comes into its own in late summer, with varying shades of burgundy and orange in a variety of textures. The aster (just coming into bloom) provides a punch of colour to keep it exciting, while ‘Hameln’ provides ongoing winter interest.

1. Panicum virgatum ‘Shenandoah’ (common name: switch grass; 90 x 90 cm/36 in. x 36 in.; burgundy fall foliage and winter interest; zone 4)
2. Echinacea ‘Big Sky Sunset’ (coneflower; 75 x 50 cm/30 in. x 20 in.; orange-tinged purple; July to October blooms; zone 4)
3. Aster novae-belgii ‘Blue Lagoon’ (60 x 45 cm/24 in. x 18 in.; rich violet-blue; August to October; zone 4)
4. Heuchera ‘Sparkling Burgundy’ (coral bells; 30 x 50 cm/12 in. x 20 in.; white over deep-burgundy evergreen foliage; May to July; zone 4)
5. Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Hameln’ (fountain grass; 75 x 75 cm/30 in. x 30 in.; silvery flower spikes; August to October; zone 5)
6. Sedum telephium ‘Matrona’ (autumn stonecrop; 50 x 60 cm/20 in. x 24 in.; soft-pink; August to October; zone 2)

Autumn Punch
Autumn Punch

Care: A good amount of sun is required to bring out the best in the colours, although some shade would be okay. Cut back faded foliage in fall and tuck the container in a protected area, watering only when dry throughout the winter. Place it in a bright location in April and top-dress with a controlled-release fertilizer; water regularly as needed. This container would continue through a second year, but most of the plants become a little too large to be in a container longer than that.

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