Autumn Red Chrysanthemums

‘Autumn Red’ is a new, true cold-hardy ­hybrid chrysanthemum that returns year ­after year and increases in size as it matures.

This garden mum has a compact, mounded shape with durable, self-branching and deep-red daisy-form flowers with a vivid yellow centre marked by a dark bull’s eye. For peak performance, choose a site or ­container with well-drained soil and full sun, and apply a slow-release plant food twice a ­season.

At season’s end, after frost has wilted the foliage, give the plants their annual cut back. This can be done in early winter or in early spring before new growth begins.

Developed at the University of Minnesota, this new perennial mum grows in climate zones as cold as USDA Zone 3b and Cana­dianequivalents.

Look for My Favorite™ ‘Autumn Red’ in garden centres and nurseries beginning in August.