Backyard chickens documentary returns to Vancouver

Urban chickens hit the silver screen this month in 'Mad City Chickens.'

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There’s a hen party going on in Vancouver’s backyards. Get a glimpse when urban chickens hit the silver screen this month in Mad City Chickens.

The approval of backyard chickens in Vancouver has inspired a revival showing of Mad City Chickens. The film traverses the varied landscape of urban chicken living—from the yards of expert chicken keepers to chicken newbies, tons of people are taking the poultry plunge.

The documentary makes its return to Vancouver on June 18 at 7 p.m. at Langara College. It will be followed by a discussion of Village Vancouver’s Coop Co-op Project and info will be dispensed on upcoming backyard chicken workshops.


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Urban chickens have been a hot topic in Vancouver and a point of contention with many. bcliving‘s Green vs Reality blogger Davin Luke took a closer look at the pros and cons of playing host to some feathered friends.

The Vancouver City Council’s bylaw permits—although with many regulations—chickens to roost in backyards all over the city. The debate has been a raucous affair, and the decision to brings these birds into the city remains controversial.

Whether or not you’re looking to take on a brood of your own, the film is guaranteed to entertain and inform. Visit the Mad City Chickens event page for more details.



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