Backyard Pond in a Day

There are few sounds more soothing and comforting than moving water – and few better places to enjoy it than in your own backyard.

The building of a back-yard pond

Bernadine Hearts 20 family and friends lend a hand

When Bernadine Hearts was diagnosed with cancer, her friend Janet Rogers determined to fulfill a project Bernadine had been planning – the building of a backyard pond.

An enthusiastic gardener, Bernadine had attended a workshop with Janet at Delta-based Waterscene Designs on building a pond.

When Bernadine’s illness threatened to stall the project, Janet contacted friends and family and raised the necessary funds – and determined to construct a pond in a day.

In spring, 20 friends working under the direction of Todd Lee from Waterscene gathered in Bernadine’s Richmond garden to tackle the project.

Everyone played a role from moving rocks and digging, to cooking and serving lunch for the hungry crew, and by day’s end, the pond was brimming with water.

“It is not just the beauty and serenity that the pond adds to a lovely garden – the whole project is such a positive reinforcement of the love and support of friends,” says Janet.