Building a Bat House

Credit: Carol Pope

Our good neighbour Dave is one of the many people where I live who has an avid appreciation for the busy little bat.

bat house in tree

Often, while enjoying a luxurious end-of-the-day laze-about on our sundeck after dinner, I have the satisfaction of watching these surreal creatures swoop and swirl around the large fir tree in front of our house, feasting like mad, just minutes after I hear the first ominous drone of a bloodthirsty mosquito out to help herself to a night’s nourishment at my expense. In honour of these garden buddies, Dave has set upon himself the task of making our local bats a little more cosy with custom-made bat quarters, now popping up on trees and houses around us. He says they are simple to construct and, of course, make great gifts. For a helpful site on building bat houses, go to