BCLNA Healthy Garden Guide 2010

From sustainable landscaping tips and TLC for trees to hiring a landscaper and finding a garden shop near you.

Contribute to a more sustainable landscape environment through responsible best practices

The BCLNA Healthy Garden Guide 2010 is more than about being good gardeners — it’s also about being good stewards in making sustainable decisions regarding our outdoor spaces.

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No more excuses

Growing delicious vegetables is within reach – even for balcony gardeners

Reading, writing and gardening

Outdoor classrooms connect students to the food system

Home gardens are a social resource

Capitalizing on the perks of sustainable landscaping

Sustainable landscaping tips

Advice on choosing plants, pest management and more

Keeping trees safe during construction

Planning ahead can ensure trees survive your home building or renovation

TLC for trees

Construction damage can affect the structure and stability of a tree

Bugs at bay — the healthy way

Healthy plants are more resistant to disease


A province-wide program for eco-friendly garden care

Buying from B.C. nurseries

Shopping for local plants makes your garden greener

Blooming new plants for 2010

Add these spectacular selections to your garden

Hiring a landscaper

Make sure your agreement includes these important points

Invasive plants damage eco-systems

Tips to help prevent the spread of aggressive varieties

Landscape orientation

Creative professionals reinvent landscapes with exciting new directions

Landscaping pays

The real estate value of your home is improved by a well-installed landscape

Good things come in small packages

The smallest gardens can benefit the most from the skills of a pro

BCLNA Landscapes Awards of Excellence

Top landscaping professionals honoured

BCLNA member garden retailers

A directory to help you shop with confidence

Identify Certified Landscapers

Certification offers assurance of skills and knowledge