Bringing a golden euonymus indoor

Credit: Jojan

Q: I live in Northern Alberta, Canada, zone 2B. I planted a golden euonymus shrub two years ago on the east side of our house. It has survived our -40 C winters but it is not thriving. I would like to dig it up and replant it in a pot and bring it indoors. Will it survive indoors if it has proper lighting? If so, what special conditions does it need?

In order to properly move your euonymus shrub inside, you’ll need to do it gradually so there isn’t a shock to the plant’s system, which could be potentially deadly. When digging it up, be careful not to cause any damage to the roots. You’ll want to put it in a fairly roomy pot with proper drainage. Once it’s replanted in a pot, give your plant some time to adjust to its new surroundings before moving it inside. You might want to try keeping on the porch or deck for a couple weeks before the weather gets too cold.

After moving the shrub inside, try to provide it with as much natural light as possible. It sounds as though your shrub is rather though and is probably used to low levels of sunlight, so the transition will hopefully be smooth. To supplement natural light, try using fluorescent lights. The plant’s growth will naturally slow down, so water once a week or when soil is dry, and avoid using fertilizer. If your plant starts to thrive, you can consider moving the pot outdoors in the summer months, if you like, or simply keep it as an indoor guest.