Bushels of beans

Credit: Carolyn Herriot

August in my garden means bountiful bean harvests. Usually the broad beans or favas mature first, but this year the garden is late and ‘Sweet Lorane’ favas and snap beans are ripe at the same time. These later maturing favas (above) are very prolific, which means we can enjoy them shelled fresh and also freeze lots for winter meals.

painted lady beans
Runner bean ‘Painted Lady’ (also known as the York & Lancaster bean; above) is a heritage variety worth growing for its pretty red and white flowers and large crops of tender flavourful beans. It’s the only bean that has bi-colored flowers.

dragon tongue beans
Dragon Tongue bush beans (above) are simply gorgeous! They can be eaten fresh as snap beans and left for dried beans.

vanguard beans
Vanguard Beans (above) grow on sturdy bushy plants that do not require staking even though they are loaded with stringless tender beans.

Beans are easy to grow. They are drought tolerant, and the more you pick them the more they produce. Freeze extras for winter meals, then all you have to do is throw them frozen into boiling water for exactly ten minutes to recapture the month of August in your garden.

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