Care and Cultivation of Heucheras

Credit: Proven Winners

Most heucheras will thrive in any moist, well-drained soil, although they are less successful in heavy clay. In our climate they adapt to sun or shade, but all varieties are inclined to scorch at the edges in midsummer sun and need at least afternoon protection. Tawny shades and the paler greens tend to bleach.

After several years plants become congested, with fleshy new basal stems overlapping old ones. When this happens, lift each plant and separate into a number of pieces, replanting them just below the soil surface and covering with a light mulch.

H.cylindrica prefers sandier soil and is admirably suited to a rockery. Roots do not spread, but it will self-seed where it is happy.

Tiarellas favour the shade and humus of dappled woodland, as does Tolmiea menziesii. While hybrids of both increase slowly, in my experience the species are inclined to spread further than desired.