Carolyn’s berry walk

Credit: Carolyn Herriot

This is a good time to weed and feed, prune out old wood and provide tie on support for trailing vines. Dig out raspberry canes that have strayed beyond support wires, and remove any competing weeds such as buttercup and couch grass.

After weeding, I feed the soil with uncontaminated wood ash from the wood stove, and add a seaweed-enriched compost mix. (Granular seaweed works well as a fertilizer for cane fruits).

TIP: Raspberries love the extra nitrogen boost from being mulched with fresh grass clippings.


It’s very exciting to see rhubarb poke it’s head up in early spring. I obviously like rhubarb because I have 5 varieties of it growing!

TIP: There’s one thing you need to remember about rhubarb. It’s a greedy feeder and likes lots of manure and compost. I feed it in fall and again in early spring, which means I get rewarded with lots of juicy red rhubarb stalks.

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