Casting call: Extreme Garden Makeover

Looking for help with your problem-child garden? Landscape architect Senga Lindsay to the rescue!

Credit: Senga Lindsay

Is your garden space in dire need of a makeover?

Chances are the challenges you face are shared by other readers.

Let me know about your most nagging garden problem, and I will overlay a sketch solution with design tips on how you can tackle your “problem child” and turn it into a beautiful, functional space.

Garden makeover

Submission requirements

1. Garden spaces no larger than 50’ x 50’, could be a side yard, small patio, etc.;
2. Provide a photograph of your existing space in high resolution JPEG;
3. Description of your problems with the space (too shady, too sunny, too wet etc.); and
4. A wish list for that space (i.e. dining, utility, edible garden etc.).

Submit your entry via email.

One entry will be selected approximately every month.