Chinese-style Garden at the Hamilton Botanical Gardens

Exploring this New Zealand garden is like stepping into a Chinese painting

Credit: dawvon

Take a tour of this beautiful Chinese-style garden

Take a video tour of the Chinese garden at the Hamilton Botanical Gardens in New Zealand

Replicating a garden from the Ming Dynasty with a landscape style that dates back hundreds of years,  the ‘Garden of Retreat-in-Flowing-Happiness’ at the Hamilton Botanical Garden in New Zealand portrays a miniature of the cosmos.

There are ‘mountains’ and hills’, rivers’ and ‘lakes’, ‘cliffs’ and ‘chasms,’ all following the Taoist tradition.

Zigzag bridges, winding paths, abrupt turnings, and lattice windows invoke a sense of mystery and suspense. The Chinese garden is not a showcase for flowers, but rather a tapestry of convoluted trees, rugged rocks, grottos, waters, bridges, courtyards, gateways, windows, walls and pavilions.

Walking through this garden is like stepping into a 3-dimensional Chinese painting. Come see for yourself.