Constructing an Edible Wall

Be creative with your landscaping and make use of your vertical space with an edible wall

Credit: Atlanta Botanical Gardens

An edible wall at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

When it comes to edible landscaping, a living wall can be a functional and abundant source of veggies and herbs

For those of us who have limited space, who are happy with their landscape ‘as is,’ or are looking for alternatives to tuck some edible gardening into their existing space without compromise, edible wall areas are a good alternative.

Imagine hanging and harvesting, herbs, lettuce or even tomatoes from the side of your garage wall and watching as a gravity-defying crop matures.

The famed N.Y. chef Mario Batali loves the idea of edible walls so much that he has them installed at both of his LA restaurants.

How to Best Use an Edible Wall

Watch my appearance on Global BC TV explaining how edible walls are constructed and simple ways you can bring fresh produce to your own vertical spaces.