Interior Decorating with Plants 101

Looking to decorate your home with plants but don't know where to start? Create leafy decor in four easy steps

Fill your home with chic planters and plant decorations

Wanting to incorporate plants into your interior design, but conjuring images of dried ferns in a macramé-covered hanging basket? The 1970s may be over, but plants today are found in the chicest indoor spaces.

As an added bonus, plants not only add beauty to your space, they also contribute to your well-being. Plants add negative ions to the air, which can improve air quality and reduce dust. It’s time to fill your home with greenery in a cool, contemporary way.

Select Your Style

For a classic look, choose timeless plants such as a topiary or zesty lemon tree. Cactus, rubber jade plants and succulents impart a modern edge. Gathered sticks, an avocado pit in a jar or spider plants are fitting for the bohemian.

For organic design, go for a bamboo plant, potted herbs or perhaps a fern in a clay pot.

Plant and Pot

The vessel is important; it is the shoe of an outfit. Clay, aluminum, glass, mason jars and decorative tile all make a statement.


Create a focal point with a collection of several plants at different heights or contrasting plants in similar pots. They can be casually placed on the floor for a bohemian look or perfectly lined up on your mantle for an elegant, refined look.

Find Inspiration

Pinterest, Tumblr or your local nursery offer a wealth of ideas.

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