Disease-resistant Roses

These picks by All-America Rose Selections are ultra-disease resistant and absolutely breathtaking.

Credit: All-America Rose Selections

Pictured, clockwise from left: ‘Pink Promise’, ‘Cinco de Mayo’, ‘Carefree Spirit’

Some gardeners feel it’s time to re-think the monarchy. Queen of the flowers or not, there’s just no place for the fussy and pest-prone rose in a responsible modern garden. But before lopping off heads, consider the new generation. These days, there are literally thousands of hardy hybrids bred for resistance to all kinds of diseases. And lest you think hybrids lack the elegance of traditional varieties, just check out these rugged 2009 debutantes from All-America Rose Selections.

Cherry-red ‘Carefree Spirit’ has excellent resistance to black spot and complete resistance to rust and mildew. Also excellent at resisting disease, ‘Cinco de Mayo’ is a descendant of the award-winning ‘Julia Child’. Rusty red-orange blooms blended with smoky-lavender pop out all season long, and give off a fresh-cut apple scent. Finally, for true princess appeal, ‘Pink Promise’ is a honey and berry-scented hybrid tea rose that grows very well in cool climates. For more ideas on disease-resistant roses, plan on attending the World Rose Festival in Vancouver, June 19–21.

This year’s theme, “Roses in the Landscape,” looks at earth-friendly techniques for cultivating this evolving classic. Long live the Queen!