Easy-grow Gourmet Zucchini for the BBQ Grill

BBQ season is back! Fire up your grill and throw on delectable and easy-to-grow zucchinis!

Credit: Carol Pope

Out of six different types of zucchinis, Italian ‘Romanesco’ is this writer’s current favourite

Toss some zucchini on the barbecue this summer for a flavourful side that goes with every meal

It’s only the early part of summer, but already I’m dealing with the delightful “difficulty” of how to keep up with the zucchini coming out of our garden.

Truth be told, it’s really not a problem, as just a simple brush of olive oil, a dash of sea salt and a quick turn on the barbecue is a delicious way to add zucchini to almost any summer meal.

Toss on a little chopped thyme, rosemary or oregano (or all three!) from the garden and it’s even better.

‘Romanesco’ Zucchini

In the spirit of one really never having too much zucchini, this year I’m testing six different varieties. There are some runners up that may win me over in the end, but for the moment the champion is Italian ‘Romanesco’, grown from seeds sent to me by Renee’s Garden for review.

I’ve been thrilled with how prolific ‘Romanesco’ is and also with how pretty the fruit is. When I slice it for a stirfry or salad, it takes on “groovy” flower shapes, and if I serve it in long grilled strips, the gorgeous striped and ridged skin looks spectacular on the plate, particularly when an edible flower still clings to the end of it, as it often does.

These zucchini grow so fast that it’s hard to stay on top of the situation, but it’s best to pick them when they are just six or seven inches long. This will ensure your plant keeps producing (prodigiously) and that these treats are at their tastiest and most tender.

Gorgeous and delicious, ‘Romanesco’ is the easiest gourmet addition to your summer fare you could ever grow.