Escallonia and ‘California Lilac’ Pruning

Q: Can you please give me information on pruning very neglected and now snow-damaged ‘California Lilac’ and Escallonia? How far back can these be pruned?

The bottom part of the Escallonia is still nice and green, but the top and the back of the plant where it is up against a building looks dead. The underside of the ‘California Lilac’ looks very dead.

Will it come from the root again? These shrubs have not had any attention for about 15 years. I am in Ladysmith.

Escallonia can be pruned back quite drastically to older wood. The plant can be cut right back to almost ground level.

‘California Lilac’ (Ceanothus cv.) are less likely to regenerate from older growth. Pruning ‘California Lilac’ should be limited to thinning weak, dying or crossing branches. Remaining branches can be cutback as long as there is some evidence of leaf growth.

For further information regarding aftercare on winter-damaged shrubs, refer to California Lilacs Revival