Container Gardening in the Fall

Not sure what to put in your garden containers now that the weather has cooled? We've got the answer

Credit: Proven Winners

Grape Punch and Miss Lilac mixed with Sweet Caroline Raven

Q: What can I use in my fall containers?

Calibrachoa cultivars have been a huge hit with gardeners since they appeared on the gardening scene about a decade or so ago, for they thrive in blazing hot sun and keep blooming right up until the frost. Naturally, they make a great contribution to autumn containers.

Here, two cultivars in the Superbells series – Grape Punch and Miss Lilac – dance around the dark foliage of Sweet Caroline Raven sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas). The sweet potato vine makes a dahlia-like tuber that can be overwintered in the same manner as a dahlia and brought back into growth next spring.