Fall Garden Cleanup in 15 Minutes a Day

Spending just a little time in your garden each day will give you big results

Spending a few minutes in the garden each day during the fall will yield big dividends come spring.

Use the same approach as your fitness routine and your garden will be in great shape come spring


Commit to getting out in the garden every day

Just like exercise, gardening is best done in small bursts rather than in a few monthly blasts. Doing one thing each day helps to break up the big tasks. When you get home at the end of the day, sweep the leaves off your patio so that they don’t stain the concrete. Step outside for five minutes to deadhead some of your fall flowers. Repeat again tomorrow.

Motivate yourself with something new

Just like a new yoga mat adds life to your practice, a few pots of gorgeous chrysanthemums or winter cabbage will add some life to your planters and take them to the next season. Once your containers are refreshed, you might feel like tidying up the area around them as well. Now is also a good time to head to the garden centre to pick up outdoor furniture or trellises at half price.

Vary your gardening routine 

There is a lot to do in the fall: pruning, raking, mulching, weeding, dividing, and cleaning. Try to accomplish a different type of task each day to keep things interesting.

Add in some gardening after other wet weather activities

When you get back from that run or the gym, do a quick circuit around your house and garage to scan for any branches that are close to the walls and roof or over your power lines.  Plan to have them cut back before winter.

Get real with your expectations

Just as it is unrealistic to lose 20 pounds in a month, it is unrealistic to think you can clean up your entire garden in one afternoon. Fall garden activities are ongoing and even the smallest patio space needs attention throughout the fall and winter months. So, instead of waiting for that one magical sunny fall weekend afternoon to get your patio furniture and hoses tucked away for the winter, do it now.

Visualize the end result

Imagine what you want your garden to be like next summer. Do you want to add more space for vegetables with raised beds? Do you want to add a new deck or patio for dining? Do you want to add more privacy with a hedge? Get your sketchpad out and start to capture your ideas. Fall is the best time to get these projects underway and ensure that they will be completed by the time the weather gets warmer.