Fertilizing raspberries

Credit: mako

Q: I live close to Dauphin Manitoba and I was wondering if there is any suggestions for fertilizing raspberries they have been here on the acreage for about 15-20 years we have kept up the cleaning process of them but are now wondering if they need any kind of fertilizer.

Here is a replay of a past article you may find helpful for your raspberries. They adore grass clippings and, being in Manitoba, the glacial rock dust will help with winter protection:


“Sheena’s Best All Purpose Mulch for Antioxidants”

Plants that are properly cared for produce blossoms and fruit of superior quality – more fragrant, colourful, and longer keeping. Mulch and feed your antioxidant-producing vegetables and fruits with this nutritious blend to lessen evaporation and decrease watering, cut down weed germination and protect the plants from the hot sun or cold temperatures. A layer of mulch is a huge advantage when it comes to soil compaction, allowing space for roots to develop and shielding the soil from pounding spring rains. 
1 bag Sea Soil Fish Compost
2 cups (500 mL) lime
1 cup (250 mL) glacial rock dust
1 cup (250 mL) worm castings
1 shovel green lawn clippings
Apply a 10-cm (2-in.) layer to the drip line annually, just after the last frost or at spring transplant time.