Fertilizing the lawn for winter

Credit: iStockphoto


Q: What is the best time to fall fertilize the lawn for the winter, and what is the best mix to use in percentages?

I assume this question is from a reader on the coast. Therefore, I would suggest using a complete fertilizer with analysis 23-3-23. This fertilizer I find is ideal not only during the growing season, but also in the fall on the “thicked up” lawn to keep weeds out.

If one is dealing with weed issues, e.g. moss, clover, dandelions, etc., this is the ideal type. Avoid other formulations marked as “Fall Fertilizer” which tend to have lower nitrogen content (number on the left hand side). In my personal experience, using a high-nitrogen fertilizer has not been detrimental to the lawn. Use formulations marked “Fall Fertilizer” when you have less weed problems and/or if you are following a complete lawn fertilizing program ( feeding lawns at least 3 or 4 times a year).