Festive planter recipe – first frost planter

Add some winter sparkle to your space. Plus: a special offer through December 16!

The subtle beauty of a winter frost is reflected in this icy-blue ceramic planter (45 cm pot) filled with a selection of shrubs and perennials valued for their winter sparkle.

1. Snow Angel Heuchera (10 cm pot)
2. Ice Dance Sedge (15 cm pot)
3. Glacier Blue Spurge (15 cm pot)
4. Red Osier Branches (2 to 3 stems)
5. Background: Japanese Skimmia (15 cm pot)
Foreground: Licorice Plant (10 cm pot)
6. Japanese Tassel Fern (10 cm pot)
Not visible: Wintergreen (15 cm pot)
Variegated English Boxwood (15 cm pot)

Fill the container up to 5 cm below the top lip with planter-box mix. Arrange the plants as shown in the photo, filling gaps between each plant with soil. Push the cut red osier branches firmly into the centre of the container. Water well, then water only occasionally over the winter to keep soil moist.

Download the printable version here and get a $10 GardenWorks coupon! (offer expires December 16, 2009)

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