Festive Planter Recipe – Lantern Planter

Create a holiday glow with this lantern planter.

Fragrant evergreen boughs combine with bright red berries and variegated foliage to create a festive setting for a glowing holiday lantern.

1. Western red cedar boughs
2. Seeded eucalyptus
3. Blue carolina cypress
4. Red-tinted seeded eucalyptus
5. Variegated English boxwood
6. Variegated New Zealand flax
7. Red sparkleberry
8. Baby blue eucalyptus
9. Western white pine

Fill the container with potting soil. To securely hold branches in place, soil must be damp and well compacted. Build a foundation by first placing evergreen boughs, pushing branches into the soil. Start from the centre of the container and work outwards. Arrange the eucalyptus, New Zealand flax and sparkleberry evenly to fill in and finish the planter. Tuck a small upturned pot carefully amongst the greens, and top off with the lantern.

Note: The quantity of branches and boughs required will depend on the size of the container used.

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