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Credit: Carolyn Herriot


Thank you asking this question, it has spurred me to putting some thought to this matter. I provide you with the following ‘food for thought’, which I hope helps answer this question.

Salvestrols were isolated, in varying quantities, from organically grown, locally ripened fruits and vegetables, but were found in minute quantities in fruits and vegetables not exposed to fungal attack due to the protection of fungicides. It appears something critical is missing from our modern day diet.

Salvestrols are compounds manufactured by fruits and vegetables as part of their immune response to fungal attack (rotting). Salvestrols activate the body’s natural ability to destroy cancer cells. When salvestrols are not available this ability remains ‘locked’. Salvestrols have been shown to destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

Food dosed with fungicides, and shipped thousands of kilometers, is undermining our health. We simply need to eat organically grown, locally ripened fruits and vegetables to protect our health.

The man who stumbled across salvestrols in his research is Professor Gerry Potter. He is Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Director of the Cancer Drug Discovery Group at the Leicester School of Pharmacy, De Montfort University, England and Founder of Nature’s Defence (UK) Ltd. Professor Potter holds 20 patents for cancer therapeutics. See

Professor Potter said, ‘Salvestrols are natural, food-based molecules. They are non-toxic until activated by a specific cytochrome enzyme to induce apoptosis in diseased cells. The specific cytochrome enzyme that salvestrols are activated by is common to a wide array of cancer cells (leukaemia, lymphoma, tumours of the brain, breast, prostate, lung, colon, stomach, pancreas, kidney, etc.) and is not present in healthy tissue. I have examined salvestrols in detail, along with the reasons why they are so severely depleted in the modern diet.’

Professor Potter reports that in 100 clinical trials using terminally ill cancer patients, 35% showed remarkable reversal of cancerous conditions after only a short time of incorporating salvestrol extracts into the diet. This was following chemo and radiation. If used as a first defense the percentage of success would have been higher. For an amazing endorsement from Powell River please see:

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