Four Chefs One Garden Celebrates West Coast Gardening

Chronicles of one year spent in a West Coast garden and kitchen

Part cookbook, part gardening primer

Four Chefs One Garden weaves together recipes and gardening insights from some of the West Coast’s leading gardeners

Evaleen Jaager Roy had a vision. Take one glorious West Coast garden described and photographed through the seasons, add four celebrity chefs with seasonal, locally inspired recipes, and toss in unique ideas for “living slow” and enjoying each moment in a magical part of the world.

The result: the just-released Four Chefs One Garden, available now at bookstores and through

Part cookbook, part gardening primer, Four Chefs One Garden is a love poem to Vancouver, told in flowers and fettuccini. In her unique debut, the Vancouver native traces one year spent in her terraced, ocean-view garden and her kitchen.

The book weaves together gardening ideas from some of the West Coast’s leading gardeners, including Brian Minter of Minter Gardens and garden-writer Roy Jonsson, and includes seasonal recipes from some of the city’s leading chefs – Umberto Menghi, Tojo, Vikram Vij, and Le Crocodile’s Michel Jacob, creator of the Grilled Asparagus Salad recipe.