Full coverage: Backyard chickens in Vancouver

Granville's comprehensive coverage of the backyard chicken debate in Vancouver.

Credit: Hubert Kang

Read Granville’s comprehensive coverage on the backyard chicken debate in Vancouver, including investigative feature stories, blog posts and more.


Chicks in the city


Is raising your own food truly sustainable—or just a passing fad?


Green vs. Reality: Urban chickens from two perspectives


Green vs. Reality bloggers Emily Jubenvill and Davin Luke each weigh the pros and cons of pet chicks.


GREEN: Urban chickens in Vancouver

REALITY: Playing with your food


Understanding “cruelty-free” eggs


Guest blogger Glenn Gaetz explores what’s behind so-called “cruelty-free” eggs and offers his reasons for opposing city council’s decision to allow backyard chickens.


If they grow it, can they kill it?


Raising backyard chickens is illegal in Nelson but there are some who flout the law, wanting to foster a sustainable food system. Listen to a radio broadcast about a couple who did just that.


Uncaged eggs


Vancouver city council passes a motion requiring all city-run food-serving facilities use cage-free eggs.


Finding cruelty-free food


BC-SPCA makes it easier for consumers to choose ethically produced local cheese, meat and eggs.


Urban farming grows on Vancouver


Condo dwellers seek options for growing their own food—on rooftops, in community plots and on the sly.