Garden Companions

Credit: iStockphoto

You are absolutely right – tomatoes love to be planted near carrots, as the carrots’ ferny foliage helps to repel pests. The science of growing plants together for beneficial purposes is considered “good” companion planting. Other great combinations include:

  • Tomatoes and basil: The basil improves the tomatoes’ taste and repels disease.
  • Leeks with carrots: Repels the carrot fly.
  • Peas with corn: The peas restore the nitrogen in the soil used by the corn.
  • Radishes with cucumber: The radish discourages cucumber beetles.
  • Lettuce and onions: Onion repels rabbits.
  • Lettuce and radishes: Makes the radish more tender.
  • Nasturtiums and squash: Helps repel squash bugs.
  • Parsley and asparagus: Encourages vigorous asparagus growth.

There are also “bad” companion plantings, where one plant inhibits the growth of the other. Two important ones to note are:

  • Tomatoes away from potatoes.
  • Onions and garlic away from peas and beans.