Garden insects: Aphid control

Controlling aphids in the garden

Get a quick handle on garden insects with our easy guide to aphid control.

Aphids are about three millimetres long and green to brown in colour. You’ll find these flying pests on everything from clematis to tomatoes, to roses. Several generations can occur from May to August, so be diligent about controlling them. Use a burst of water from a hose or focused spray of a spritzer bottle to knock them away, or try this simple home remedy.

How to kill aphids

Add 10 to 25 millilitres of unscented liquid soap (not detergent) to 4 litres of water. Test-spray the solution on a few leaves and check after a few days to ensure the mixture has not burned the leaves. Do not spray the same foliage more than three times in a row. When you walk through the garden, take along a spritzer bottle for quick, easy aphid control.