Garden Makeover: Kitsilano Heritage House

Credit: courtesy BCLNA

Garden MakeoverBefore

The front yard lacked character and purpose, and the split-level backyard, with poorly maintained grass and a dank, mossy and cramped patio, was only accessible from the lane.

The side of the property now has a meandering flagstone pathway that connects front and backyards.

A large cedar tree that was leaning dangerously towards the house was removed from the front yard, along with electrical wires.

A collection of old-fashioned perennials, new grasses, trees and shrubs were added, giving the front of the house a welcoming feel.

Plans for a garage and extension of the back deck left little room for the design team to create a substantial back garden.

The remaining area was two-thirds in the shade and on different levels – the bottom level mainly under the new deck. Lowering the patio provided 15 cm (6 in.) of extra headroom and the homeowner now has a cool, shady and relaxing seating area.