Garden tips for strata owners

Credit: iStockphoto

Real estate studies reveal that a well-managed landscape can add as much as 15 per cent to the value of your home. As a strata owner, you can protect your investment by getting involved in garden decisions at your condo or townhouse complex.

Consider acting as garden liaison between landscaping contractors and other strata owners. Part of your role will be to report quotations for regular and additional gardening work. Here’s what generally needs to be done at strata properties:

  • Lawns need weekly service.
  • Automatic irrigation systems need annual startup, inspection and adjustments to all watering heads by your irrigation contractor to guarantee full coverage.
  • Soil needs regular upgrading, with new organic topsoil added at least every third year.
  • Trees and shrubs need pruning, replacement and occasional removal.

Solicit quotations for a long-term management plan from quality contractors who already do good work elsewhere. Look for companies that employ certified horticulturists.

Once you’ve hired a quality contractor, nurture the relationship and be prepared to get your strata council to plan and budget for its services. Doing so will ensure your strata landscape holds its real estate value.