Garry Oak Meadow Flowers

Credit: Gillian Reece; BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fish

Victoria residents can help restore the Garry oak’s natural habitat by planting native meadow flowers. All these are zone-9 plants specific to Southern Vancouver Island’s Mediterranean climate. Other British Columbians can experience the bloom time of these beauties by planning a springtime visit to Victoria’s Beacon Hill Park.

Allium acuminatum (Hooker’s onion) April – May

Brodiaea coronaria (harvest brodiaea) April – May

Camassia leichtlinii (great camas) May – June

Camassia quamash (early camas) May – June

Collinsia parviflora (blue-eyed mary) April – May

Dodecatheon species (shooting star) March – April

Erythronium oregonum (white fawn lily) March – April

Fritillaria lanceolata (chocolate lily) April – May

Lomatium utriculatum (spring gold) April – May

Plectritis congesta (sea blush)May – June

Sisyrinchium douglasii (satin flower) March – April

Viola praemorsa (yellow montane) April – May