Getting with it

Credit: Sharon Hanna

Temperature-induced colour changes are common in these and other succulents. Both the Echeveria and I couldn’t wait to get inside one of the heated greenhouses.

Towards the end of February I visited Western Independent Greenhouses (aka “W.I.G.”) for the first time – in the wilds of Burnaby off Marine Way.

Alfred made me feel right at home as I took a tour of the growing areas, snapping photos and asking him lots of questions. I was writing an article for GardenWise about some pretty amazing containers Alfred had designed and made up featuring succulents.

Alfred co-owns W.I.G. with his brother Dan, and at the moment he’s having a love-affair with succulents, particularly Echeveria and aeonium…ok, he loves Sedum ‘Jellybeans’ a lot too…..”

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