Giant zucchini and garden jealousy

Check out these giant vegetables.

Credit: Sharon Hanna

Food-growing in Dunbar – what next?

Here is one of Barb Coward’s garden beds in the lane behind her westside home. Her garden features giant vegetables that grow larger and more lush than is reasonable.

The zucchini is called ‘Romanesco’ – it’s stripey and has scalloped edges that look as if you have cut each slice into the shape of a flower. Of course I have, I say to people who ask. Barb is wearing a jacket because it’s cold, still that zucchini is relentless.


Though yours truly started the seedlings for all of us, the next photo shows the size of my pathetic zucchini.

Who knew that growing things in full sun, in raised beds on the south side….sour grapes for me.

Mine are finally getting some zucchini (not big enough to eat yet) but understand that Barb has been harvesting hers for at least two weeks. Life just isn’t fair.