Golden Blooms in the Sun

Put on a dazzling show in your garden this summer

Credit: Courtesy Proven Winners

Plant this golden, earthy combination for a dazzling show of bloom through the hot months of summer and into fall.

The yellow blossoms of the heat-tolerant Chrysocephalum apiculatum Flambe® ‘Yellow’ glow alongside the pink and bronze Heuchera Dolce® ‘Crème Brulee’. Meanwhile the scalloped leaves of Ajuga reptans ‘Black Scallop’ provide a distinctive texture and shape, and its intriguing dark colour a striking contrast to the rest of the combination. Use orange sedge (Carex testacea) to give the container some fullness. The olive-green grasses will turn orange in cool weather.

Plant in full sun and provide normal water. Perennials ‘Black Scallop’ and ‘Dolce® Crème Brulee’ are both hardy to zone 4, so leave them in the container or transplant to garden once annuals are finished.