Great Growing Pumpkin Varieties

Here’s a list of 10 great pumpkin varieties for good growing and autumn enjoyment.

Big Moon – a large, sprawling variety, growing up to 90 kilograms.

Rouge Vif d’Etampes (syn. Cinderella) – medium, sprawling and growing up to nine kilograms, good for carving and eating.

Frosty – produces many fruits on tidy vines, averaging seven to 11 kilograms, good for carving and eating.

Howden – the quintessential jack-o’-lantern, grown for carving, with long fruit up to 11 kilograms. Sprawling.

Jack Be Little – the market-standard miniature orange pumpkin, with flat (and tasty!) fruit eight to 10 centimetres across. Long vines.

Lumina – five-kilogram white pumpkins with bright orange flesh, great for carving.

Prizewinner – large, 23-kilogram fruit with smooth and glossy medium-orange skin.

Small Sugar – vine type, producing three-kilogram fruit that is the best eating of all the varieties mentioned.

Snack Jack – bush type with one-kilogram fruit grown primarily for seed production.

Dill’s Atlantic Giant – the champion of all giant pumpkins, growing to such record sizes as 272 kilograms. Sprawling and then some!

Pumpkin seeds are available from many seed suppliers including Veseys ( or 1-800-363-7333); West Coast Seeds ( or 604-482-8800) and Stokes Seeds ( or 1-800-396-9238).